A sensation from the very beginning

In 2018 it is 25 years ago that Droog Design presented itself for the first time during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Out of the blue, alongside the official exhibition there was a presentation of young Dutch designers. Their work was radically different: conceptual, simple and without any added embellishment. The compilers, designer Gijs Bakker (1942) and art historian Renny Ramakers (1946), had signalled a new movement among a younger generation of designers; their presentation was a real sensation. Now, 25 years later, Droog has become an established name and the company has put itself on the map as a constant innovator. Museum Kranenburgh and Droog celebrate their 25th anniversaries together with a festive comprehensive exhibition comprising the entire Museum premises. With this first presentation of the discipline design, Kranenburgh once again broadens its scope of art.

Common, but with a twist

Marcel Wanders, Hella Jongerius, Tejo Remy, Jurgen Bey, Chris Kabel and Mario Minale and others design furniture, lighting objects and other items of everyday use in uncommon ways. Over the years, a large number of these objects have now become real classics. For example the Knotted Chair by Marcel Wanders, in which a network of seemingly loose knotted rope forms, thanks to a special treatment, a sturdy piece of furniture. Or the Milk bottle Lamp by Tejo Remy, a contemporary lamp with old milk bottles as the main ingredient.

Droog Design is always in motion, but has never lost sight of one thing: their mission to connect design with larger social themes and developments in original ways. To modern designers A.D. 2018, material development, recycling and social design are major themes. In Droog’s approach they have been current history for the past 25 years.

Booming and blooming

Museum Kranenburgh’s green surroundings formed the starting point for the spatial design that designers Koehorst in 't Veld created for this exhibition. It takes shape in a walk through a graceful botanical garden, in which the Droog objects are positioned alongside aluminium borders and flower beds, in full bloom. The exhibition route encompasses the entire museum premises, including the exhibition rooms, as well as the museum shop, the garden and the Kranenburgh sculpture forest.


Arian Brekveld | Arnout Visser | Bas van Tol | Bas Warmoeskerken | Chris Kabel | Chung-Tang Ho / Tong | Dylan van den Berg | EventArchitectuur | FormaFantasma | Franck Bragigand | Frank Tjepkema / Tjep | Front | Gijs Bakker | Hella Jongerius | Jan Konings | Jurgen Bey | Maarten Baas | Maartje Steenkamp | Marcel Wanders | Marijn van der Poll | Mario Minale / Minale-Maeda | NEXT Architects | Niels van Eijk | Nina Farkache | Peter van der Jagt | Remy Jungerman | Richard Hutten | Rody Graumans | Tejo Remy | Wieki Somers

18 February - 21 May 2018