Educational project RESET GENERATION

17 October 2021 - 3 April 2022

Parallel to the exhibition The Roaring Twenties, Museum Kranenburgh offers an educational project to students of all levels of secondary education: RESET GENERATION.


The Society of the Future 

Through RESET GENERATION, Museum Kranenburgh challenges secondary school students to express their own idea of the society of the future – by means of fashion, design, visual art, film or any other medium of their choice. First, the students visit the exhibition at Museum Kranenburgh to become intimately acquainted with the Roaring Twenties of 1920 and 2020. As they confront contemporary art with its hundred-year-old counterpart, they discover surprising connections with the times they themselves live in. A subsequent masterclass stimulates the students to create a work of art that steps off the beaten path. The students’ creations will be on view in four subsequent exhibitions in Studio C, the museum's educational section.

Participating Artists

The masterclasses of RESET GENERATION are taught by the photographers Blommers/Schumm, artist Folkert de Jong and illustrator Bart Nijstad.

Participating Schools

The schools participating in this project are De Berger Scholengemeenschap in Bergen, the Murmellius Gymnasium in Alkmaar, the Christelijke Scholengemeenschap Jan Arentz in Alkmaar and the Adriaan Roland Holstschool in Bergen.