Artist Center KCB

Kranenburgh - Culturele Buitenplaats in Bergen

Artist Center KCB

More than half a century ago Charley Toorop, Adriaan Roland Holst and Constant Nieuwenhuis witnessed the birth of the Artist Center Bergen (KCB). A village with so many artists needed a collective initiative.

From the start the members have represented different types of disciplines; amongst them are painters, composers, writers, musicians, playwrights, but also illustrators, photographers and sculptors.

This is resonated in its activities. Since the late forties the Artist Center Bergen (KCB) has staged exhibitions, published literary collections, records and CDs and organised concerts. When Simeon ten Holt, member since 1957, gave his first concert there, his admirers came to Bergen. One of the first exhibitions took place in the art room of collector and patron Piet Boendermaker, which later became the studio of KCB-member Lucebert. KCB-artists were also involved in the founding of KRANENBURGH.

Over twenty years ago, Karel Colnot, David Kouwenaar and Kees den Tex took the initiative to found museum Kranenburgh. Just like the KCB, the museum became part of KRANENBURGH. Today, the artist centre is located on the first floor of the old KRANENBURGH villa.